Former heroin addict asks the Judge who sentenced her to officiate wedding

When Judge Chris Wilton first met Jennifer Jensen, she was in his courtroom for violating her probation from a previous drug case and she was eight months pregnant. Instead of throwing the book at her, he sent her to jail for a day. At her next court appearance, he told her she needed to go to treatment after the birth of her child.

That was three years ago and Jensen did get treatment for her heroin addiction and turned her life around. When she made her last court appearance, she asked Judge Wilton if he would officiate her wedding and he happily accepted.

Jensen and her fiance Bill, were married by Judge Wilton in Shakopee, Minnesota. Her three-year-old son, Jackson, the one she was pregnant with when she met the judge, was there to celebrate, too. Wilton says he gives all the credit to Jensen for turning her life around, and says he’ll only take credit for giving her the opportunity.

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