Smarter people have bigger potty mouths

While you may think someone with a potty mouth is low class or not too bright, the exact opposite may actually be true. In fact, someone who swears a lot may actually be quite brilliant. People with greater language skills can generally think of more examples in the allotted time. Based on this approach, the researchers created the fluency task. This task requires volunteers to list as many different  words as they can think of in 1 minute. They had them do the test with non swearing words and then swearing words exclusively. The people with higher IQ's scored best in both tests. 

A study out of the University of Rochester discovered that certain signature behaviors can be associated with certain personality types and some of those behaviors could be a bit surprising.

For example, the study finds that intellectual people are likely to curse more, eat spicy breakfasts and walk around their house naked. Meanwhile, extroverts tend to go over 75-miles-per-hour in their car, gamble, tell dirty jokes and go to the bar. What’s more, folks who are considered agreeable, tend to mostly do things that benefit others and also sing in the shower, while those who are conscientious spend their time avoiding irresponsible behavior.

Source: The Daily Mail 

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