Phone scam alert

Kevin Russell works to help troubled teens get back on their feet in Virginia Beach, but he was recently the victim of a scam that took $1,000 from him. He got a call from someone saying he missed jury duty and had outstanding warrants for his arrest. Ther person said they were with the Hampton Sheriff’s Department and paying a thousand bucks would keep him out of jail.

After Russell paid, he found out there were no warrants and the whole thing was a hoax. He wasn’t the only victim, so he told his story to local news stations to help others avoid the same fate. When Penny andMike Whitehurst of Newport News, Virginia heard about Russell’s plight, they decided to donate $1,000 to him to replace what he lost and help his family out.

Russell was surprised and very thankful for their generosity. But News 3 was also impressed by the Whitehurst’s donation, so they gave them the “People Taking Action Award” and a $300 gift certificate to go with it! Because as they say, “One good deed deserves another.”

Reminder if anyone says you have warrants out you should say thank you and hang up on them. You can call your police department and find out the truth. 

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