Dr's perform heart surgery on baby while still in womb

When Kristine Barry was pregnant, her prenatal checkups showed her baby had a severe congenital heart defect. Normally, newborns born with heart defects at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada, can be rushed to the Hospital for Sick Children across the street, but baby Sebastian’s case was incredibly complex, so doctors weren’t sure they’d have enough time to save him after he was born.

But a team of doctors performed a surgical procedure on Sebastian’s heart while he was still in his mom’s uterus! He had a balloon atrial septoplasty five days before he was born. It went really well and surgeons then repeated the same procedure the day he was born. And a week later, Sebastian had open-heart surgery to correct his reversed arteries.

Now the baby boy is home with his parents, healthy, happy, and doing well. Sebastian’s scar from the open-heart surgery will fade and hardly be visible by the time he’s an adult. And doctors say kids like him can play soccer, go to college and have “pretty normal lives.” Medical technology is amazing!

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