Jamey Johnson SC show cancelled under mysterious circumstances

Jamey Johnson was due to play the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, on Sunday but fans told us the show was canceled for somewhat mysterious reasons. The venue released a statement saying the show was axed because, “the artist refused to adhere to our safety and security guidelines and would not enter the building."

Although no other details were given,  Melonie Cannon, a member of Jamey’s band, implied it was about firearms when she posted, “no one in our band or crew carried a gun in that building... FYI,” adding, “our bus is our home and the House of Blues isn't. We know where guns belong and where they don't." You can see her entire post at the bottom of this blog. 

Another member of Jamey’s band Tony TC Coleman claims Jamey and his band were “treated like terrorists,” noting, “they put a medal detector between Jamey’s busses and the stage entrance.” He added, “we did not come to House of Blues to be treated like we are going to kill the fans.

So far Jamey himself hasn’t commented on the controversy. Refunds for the show are being offered at the point of purchase.

Here's a clip of Jamey in concert Saturday night in TN.

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