Illegal Aliens die attempting to sneak into America

 San Antonio. Police Chief William McManus says nine people were found dead early yesterday in the back of an 18-wheeler in a Walmart parking lot.

McManus added that at least 30 others, including children, were found to be alive in the truck. Several people are still considered to be in extremely critical or serious conditions. Others are being treated for signs of medical distress, including heat stroke and dehydration. Police were tipped off late Saturday night by a Walmart employee who alerted them when a person inside the truck walked into the store begging for water.

Officials says surveillance cameras shows several vehicles arriving at the scene to pick up some people from the trailer before police arrive – other people inside the truck were also seen running off. The driver of the truck – 60-year-old James Mathew Bradley Jr. – is in custody on federal and state crimes, and will face a judge today.

  • Temperatures in San Antonio reached 101-degrees Saturday, which would have the temperature inside the truck at least at 110-degrees. The semi-truck's trailer did not have any air conditioning.
  • Also of great concern to officials – they don’t know the origin of the people who were picked up – or that ran off. Their investigation continues.

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