Abuser accidently has Alexa calls cops and saves woman

Eduardo Barros and his girlfriend were house sitting for her parents in Tijeras NM.  Authorities say that the 2 got into an argument about his drinking. It then got physical and Eduardo pulled a 9 mm gun, pistol whipped her and yelled “Did you call the sheriffs?”

That sentence was a read as a command by the virtual assistant Alexa, so the system called police who responded and safely got the woman and her child out of the house. Barros was arrested after a 6 hour stand off. 

During the call by Alexa, officers heard sounds of a scuffle and the unnamed victim shouts of “Alexa call 911”. Rachel Hass, a spokesperson for Alexa, says “Alexa cannot call 911. That feature is not supported and does not work.” Alexa took the mans question as a command and called the police on him.

Does it freak you out that Alexa is always listening?

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