London apartment high-rise fire victim saves homework

When Ines Alves and her family realized their building was on fire, she had to rush to get dressed and was able to grab her phone and her chemistry notes before escaping. The 16-year-old lived on the 13th floor of the Grenfell Tower in London, and her family lost everything in the deadly fire this week.

But even though the teen couldn’t sleep after escaping the inferno, she managed to study for her chemistry exam, which she still showed up for the following morning. Her school had excused her because of the deadly fire, but she was determined to take the exam anyway.

“Considering what had happened, I think the exam went okay,” Alves explains. “I want to do A-level in chemistry and I need an A in science, so I was thinking of my future when I decided to take the exam.” Now that’s a dedicated student!

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