Britney Spears inadvertently helped Russian hackers.

As Congress was questioning former FBI Director James Comey about Russian's influence on the US elections, a stunning news revelation was made. Russian linked hackers used Britney Spears' Instagram account as a secret bulletin board.

The Slovakian antivirus company ESET says the hackers at Turla used the pop star's Instagram account to place coded messages that were part of a malware scheme. ESET said in a blog post that it found encoded messages in the comment section of Spears' account earlier this year. When those messages were scanned by a computer infected with malware, they would give directions on where to send stolen information. Security experts say the hackers ESET tracked on Spears' account have a history of targeting diplomatic, government, and defense entities in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

The comments that were highlighted by ESET have since been deleted. Because of the high international traffic of comments on celebrities’ accounts, this seems to be the perfect hiding place for plots to play out. It also begs the question… what other celebs are having their accounts used to pass info that could be used to ruin America. I know the Kardashians are involved! 

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