Famous Clemson fans filmed in bar fight.

Rex Ryan has been an NFL head coach since 2009 first in NY for the Jets and the last 2 in Buffalo. His twin brother Rob has been a Defensive coach in the NFL for 17 seasons. They both have kids who play for Clemson. Rex's son is the placeholder and reserve receiver. Rob's son is a backup lineman. 

The brothers who both live in Nashville were at Margaritaville bar Sunday to spend the day watching sports. The Nashville Predators are in the NHL finals, plus Clemson was playing 2 games. They needed to win both in order to force a final game Monday at 4 vs Vanderbilt. (they won both) 

Rob is wearing a Clemson T-shirt while Rex is wearing a Bryce Harper jersey. It appears Rex and a guy in a blue t-shirt were getting into it when they were separated.  Rob then appears to grab the guy by the throat. 

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