Mom nurtures disabled son all the way to Harvard!

At 29, Ding Ding is realizing his dream of going to Harvard University. It may sound normal, but his story is anything but.

Ding Ding developed cerebral palsy due to a birth complication and it was so extensive that doctors told his parents the boy was "not worth saving." This was in China with their one child policy. Meaning if the boy died they could attempt to have another child. If not this was the only child the law allowed them to have. The father agreed with the Doctors but his mother, Zou Hongyan didn’t see it that way and divorced him and set off to raise her son. 

Zou worked several jobs while also taking Ding to rehab and classes. He overcame many of his disabilities with hard work. It paid off! Ding graduated with a degree in environmental science from Peking University's school of engineering in 2011. He immediately enrolled in a second degree program at the university's international law school. Last year he finally realized his dream and was accepted into Harvard Law School. 

Like mother, like son! Determination wins every time.

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