This couple proves it's never too late to find love

After finding out two-100-year-olds shared the exact same birthday, home support staff organizer Diane Sellers helped them go on a blind date. It was the first one for both Arthur Moult and Florence Phillips and it went really well.

Arthur's wife passed away 25 years ago, while Florence's husband passed almost 50 years ago! Moult and Phillips met at a local supermarket cafe in England, where they both live. At 100, they both still live independently at home! And these lovebirds plan to keep seeing each other and have already met each other’s families.

Moult wooed Phillips with his singing and he says she has a great sense of humor and that it’s nice to talk to someone who remembers many of the same things he does. “Being with Florence is very fun,” he adds. “It would be lovely to keep seeing her.”

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