Rescue dog saves new family from house fire

When Angela Fullmer’s rescue dog Capone wouldn’t stop barking late one night, she was frustrated and afraid he would wake her sleeping baby. And this mama already had her hands full, having just had her NINTH child three months before. But the sleep-deprived mom went to check out the source of the barking and discovered the plug to the microwave was on fire!

Capone, a mix of miniature pinscher, Chihuahua, and whippet had been rescued by the family just 18 months earlier and he was making sure his new family was safe from harm. Fullmer was able to get all nine kids out of the house before the flames shot up to the kitchen ceiling.

The family ended up losing everything to smoke and water damage, but they were all safe thanks to Capone. “He loves his family,” Fullmer explains. “I’m glad we found him on the highway. I believe it was supposed to happen.”

Friends have started a Go Fund Me page to help the family

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