Melania Trump causes Twitter controversy

Rumors of marital discord between President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are swirling after the First Lady's official Twitter account liked a tweet that talked about a "wall" between her and the president. It was posted by left wing blogger Andy Ostroy. It featured a GIF of Melania smiling at her husband and then turning to a frown as he turns around at the Inauguration. You can see it at the bottom of this article.  

It was not immediately clear if Mrs. Trump actually liked the tweet herself, or if she was hacked. Her account eventually dis-liked the tweet. She hasn't used her personal account to post anything since election day last year. She now uses the @FLOTUS account. 

A "Vanity Fair" article in April described her as being unhappy in her marriage, and her decision to live in New York for months with her son has fueled rumors of trouble between the first couple. The Trump administration has strongly denied there is any discord between them.

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