12 year old with Down Syndrome taking over bakery

Patricia Truel is passing the family business down to her son, John. The 12-year-old runs his own small business, Cupcakes on 8th, from a storefront connected to his family’s Marshfield, Wisconsin home. And not only is he young to be working, John also has Down syndrome.

“I don’t want him to have to rely on someone taking care of him or state funding. I want him to have something himself, feel fulfilled,” Patricia explains. “So, when he grows up he’s already got his home and we’ll work in his backyard in the little cupcake shop.”

So for now, John is working alongside his mom, learning how to work the register, follow recipes, and talk to customers. And spending those long hours in the bakery has taught the mother more about her son and helped her understand his special needs even more. As for John, he likes the perks of the job, especially the peanut butter cupcakes!

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