Today the U.S. government runs out of money

House lawmakers are working on a stopgap funding measure to keep the government running for another week as they try to hammer out a spending bill. Congress is up against tonight’s deadline to avoid a government shutdown.

A week-long funding resolution would give lawmakers more time to agree on a spending bill to fund the federal government for rest of the fiscal year. Fiscal year 2017 ends September 30th. The House is expected to pass the measure today. Meanwhile, GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan is brushing off speculation about a looming government shutdown. Similarly, Dems appear to be on board with the extension.

In a Capitol briefing, Ryan accused Democrats of "dragging their feet" on agreeing to extend government funding. Democrats have reportedly been unhappy about speculation that House Republicans may schedule a vote on a revised healthcare bill for today, but that’s not happening. To that end, Ryan will not commit to a timetable for a healthcare vote.

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