Couple leaves Cheesecake Factory waitress a huge tip, then pays off her student loans!

While waiting on a couple from Australia who were on vacation in Hawaii, server Cayla Chandara chatted with them and they got to know her a little. She told them about where she’s from and that she works at two different restaurants, but can’t go back to school because she can’t afford it with the cost of living in the islands.

And when the travelers paid their $200 bill for dinner, they left her a $400 tip! She knew where they were staying, so she went to thank them for their generosity with a card and flowers. But the couple wasn’t done giving yet - the next day they returned to her restaurant and offered to pay off her student loans and debt, which are more than $10,000 - so she could go to school again.

The couple wishes to remain anonymous and told Chandara the best way to thank them is to be her best possible self. “I want to make them proud,” she says. “I will take this opportunity with an open heart and be a better person that I can be everyday.”

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