Principal accuses girl of selling sex toys. They were not

A Wisconsin man is pulling his children out of a Lutheran school and wants four people fired over claims they accused his 12-year-old daughter of selling sex toys in class according to WISN TV

Milt Habeck says the principal at Trinity Lutheran Church and School pulled his daughter from a basketball game and told the coach the girl was being suspended for selling sex toys. Habeck says his daughter Frances brought a box of Water Snake Wigglies, squeezable toys filled with liquid, to school after seeing one used to calm an autistic boy at church. They claim her teacher gave her permission to sell the toys for her church fundraiser.

When the Principal confronted Frances in front of her teammates and coach with his allegations she was confused. When he told her what he thought the toys were she says she thought "Oh wow! I shouldn't have really learned this,' that word that came out of her mouth. It's just, whoa, yeah,"

Habeck says "The public shaming of my daughter, being called in front of other parents and children, her teammates and her coach. That she was selling sex toys is unbelievable"! He wants the principal, school board president, and two pastors at the school fired.

The Trinity school board said Frances violated school policy by selling toys in school and considers the matter resolved.

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