SC Mom arrested after stopping a bully

Ingrid Perez was waiting for her son at Lake Forest Elementary School in Greenville County when she says she saw a big kid yelling at a little kid and then push him down. She yelled at him to stop but he wouldn't and knocked the boy down several times as he would attempt to get up. There were no teachers around so she went into the playground and grabbed the bully. She then forced him to the Principal's office, where the boy admitted to not only pushing the other kid down several times but bending his fingers back and threatening to "break them off". 

Several days later Ingrid was shocked when police arrested her for the incident! Several teachers had seen her once she began taking the boy to the Principal and told her she wasn't allowed on the playground. She told them they should do a better job of watching the kids. Police said she was being charged with "Disturbing School". 

The boy who was being beat up has a mother who works for the school Her name is Karen Metcalf and she tells WYFF TV that "I do think she kept him from being seriously hurt, so yeah, I think she had to do it." The father of the bully also told the station that Perez did the right thing. 

To make maters worse Perez is a permanent resident with a green card who has been working for decades to become an American citizen. She may now be deported. Perez says "It's very hard because I've been in this country for 28 years," Perez said. "I don't have anything in my country. I just have my family here and it's hard but I know that I did not do nothing wrong."

The Greenville School District wouldn't comment on the case but said how Perez and all parents should handle situations "A parent should bring his or her concerns to the GCS employee supervising those students and/or to the school's administration."

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