Life Hack McDonald's

Some McDonald’s insiders and expert customers have shared their hacks for how to get a fresh meal or a good deal at the fast food chain, which are bound to be helpful next time you’re craving that Mickey D’s fix.

Hacks include:

  • Ask for a receipt – According to a former employee, workers are taught to look out for mystery customers who are getting paid to rate their experience, and those people usually ask for a receipt with their meal so they can get their money back. Especially if you’re eating during certain hours, like between 12 and 2pm, and 5 and 7pm, ask for receipt and you may get a better meal if they think you’re one of them.
  • Pay less for that Big Mac – A Big Mac can run you about $3.99, but if you ask for a McDouble with Mac Sauce and lettuce, instead of ketchup and mustard you’re basically getting a Big Mac, minus one piece of bread for just $1.39.
  • Choose the four-piece Chicken McNuggets – If you’re good at math you may have noticed that while a 10-piece Chicken McNugget costs $4.29, a four-piece is only $1.19, so if you order three you’re getting 12 pieces for only $3.57.
  • Hold the pickles – If you want a burger that hasn’t been sitting under hot lights for hours, ask to get one without something, like pickles, or onions. Chances are they’ll have to grill you up a new patty. 
  • Ask for fresh fries – You may think asking for fries without salt will get you newly-made fries, and it will, but you will annoy the cook because they’ll have to wipe everything down to accommodate you. Instead, simply ask for fresh fries, and you’ll get some from the next hot batch to come up. 
  • Order the “round” eggs – When you’re getting an egg sandwich or burrito don’t settle for the regular scramble, which is made from a powdered mix. Instead, ask for the “round” egg, which is poached and cooked on the spot. 
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