Volunteers crotchet blankets for homeless out of bags

Mats for a Mission is a group of volunteers in Brooksville, Florida, who crochet blankets for the homeless. The blankets are made from plastic yarn called “plarn” - created out of grocery bags - so they’re pretty durable, light weight, and dry quickly.

The group was formed by Eileen Katrick after she saw a YouTube video about crocheting the plarn blankets. “When I found out that there are so many homeless families in our community, I thought it was important to do something," says Katrick. "That's why I decided to reach out."

To crochet a mat, it takes up to two-and-a-half weeks and as many as 700 plastic bags! Mats for a Mission has only been around for a few weeks so far, but they’ve already joined with local nonprofits and plan to create 500 mats by the end of the year.

Check out Mats for a Mission for volunteer information or to donate to their cause. Here's a video on to make those mats. 

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