MORE TAXES?? NowThey Want To Tax Your Meat

Grilled striploin steak

Photo: Getty Images

Meat prices have spiked due to the the current high inflation, but a new survey found that 37 percent of people -- nearly 4 in 10 -- would support an extra 10 percent tax on meat to try to cut consumption. Those younger than age 24 (The Gen Z folks), were most in favor, with 62 percent supporting a meat tax. The goal of people eating less meat is that it would help the environment and improve people's health. The revenue from the tax could be used to compensate farmers or help livestock farmers diversify their business. But among opponents' arguments is that a meat tax could disproportionately affect low-income communities where access to fresh fruit and vegetables is limited, and who can more easily find meat to buy.

This I think is a really bad idea. You?

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