Serena Williams Has Unique Uses For Her Breast Milk

Tennis legend Serena Williams has shared her sunburn cure with her many TikTok followers. Williams, who gave birth to her second daughter in August, explained that she had been told that putting breast milk on her kids' wounds could help speed up their healing processes, so she said she figured she'd "try it for like a week" and "see how it goes." It seemed to help her 6 year old daughter Alexis when she got a cut.

Then Serena got sunburn under 1 eye sleeping on her belly by the pool. "Ok is this totally weird???" Williams said in a caption on the vid. "I have to say after a week of using MY breast milk under my eye - it worked!"

The pop singer Halsey who gave birth in 2021 to a son said in an interview with Nylon a few months ago that she has been using her own breast milk.

“It’s so full of antioxidants and good fats and stuff that speed up the healing process,” the singer calls the liquid the “best skincare ingredient.”

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