Chevy Chase Helps A Christmas Charity

In Mullica Hill, New Jersey,there's a house decorated to resemble the house from the film “National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.”

The goal was to get the public to support George's House, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children and families in need by providing toy donations and transitional housing. Founder Steve Harbaugh first came up with the idea for the event after decorating his own home in the theme of the Christmas movie and saw how many people drove by to take pictures.

They now decorate George's House and the event grows every year.

Word got back to Chevy Chase about this event, and he decided to come to light up the house, drawing in a large crowd of fans. The event included a screening of the movie, followed by Chase re-enacting the moment in the movie when he light’s his home’s Christmas lights.

The positive impact of the event could be seen in the community's response. Families enjoyed activities like ice skating and meeting holiday characters like Santa and the Grinch. The event not only offered a festive family experience but also supported a good cause, George's House, which works to ensure every child has a toy for Christmas and a home to celebrate it in.

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