Shocking Stats On Cheating At Holiday Parties

new survey about infidelity asks 1,158 U.S. adults about infidelity and finds:

35% have been tempted to cheat on their partner at the company Christmas celebration. 17% actually hooked up with a colleague at the party.

The top reason was they liked the attention (22%). Other common reasons for being unfaithful include thinking their partner was cheating (20%), for revenge (18.5%) and wanting to do something exciting (11.7%).

  • As for what counts as cheating, respondents consider it kissing someone else or being intimate (45.9%), exchanging suggestive messages (38.7%), and even suggestive body language (31%).
  • In general, an ex-partner is the person respondents are most likely to cheat with (20.9%), but a coworker is a close second (18.4%).
  • And when it comes to being tempted to cheat, a work colleague is the person they’re most tempted by (38.4%).

The results of the survey aren’t surprising to therapists, including couples therapist Matt Lundquist. “A lot of people bank more hours at the office than with their spouse, and there’s all kinds of intimacy and tension that builds up in that for sure,” he says. “I suspect most hookups at holiday parties are ones that have been brewing for a while.”

Happy businessman pouring champagne for his colleagues during a Christmas party in the office.

Photo: skynesher / E+ / Getty Images

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