Couple Prays For Baby And Something Unimaginable Happens!

The Polk County Florida Sheriff's Office shared an amazing event on social media, that read, "A happy ending that leads to a happy beginning."

The story began in January when a couple was praying for a baby to love. A few hours later they awoke hearing a baby crying outside their house. They called the police and they said the baby, was only about an hour old and still with her placenta attached. She was wrapped in a blanket and thrown under a bush. She was taken to a nearby hospital and was saved..

The baby was then placed in the care of the Florida Department of Children and Families and a search for her biological mother was conducted, but she was never found. The couple who had called police to save her have been praying continuously for the girl. When Police updated them that they were unable to find the mother they asked about adopting her.

Now 10 months and one day after her birth, the baby has been officially adopted by them. The Polk County Sheriff's Office shared photos of the girl, dressed in pink and with pigtails, on her special adoption day, marking a joyful beginning for her new life with her adoptive family.

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