Germaphobia On The Rise

 While teenagers are known for their filthy habitats, a recent survey of a thousand college-age folks finds that nearly half (45%) are “hyperconscious of germs.”

The poll from College Rover also reveals:

  • Almost half (47%) of respondents say they wash their hands five to 10 times a day, and nearly a third (32%) lather up almost twice that often, between 11 and 20 times daily.
  • And it’s not just their hands that are clean, 31% of Gen Z also change the sheets on their bed more than once a week.
  • These young people are so serious about cleanliness, almost three in 10 college students admit to reporting a roommate to their resident advisor (RA) over messiness-related issues.
  • But they’re probably not overreacting, as the research reveals how filthy campus dorms, dining halls, bathrooms and computer labs can be.
  • According to the report, dining tables in the average college cafeteria have 60-thousand times more bacteria than a typical household toilet seat.
  • Laundry rooms are even worse - with more than 30-million colony-forming bacteria in them.

With 45% of Gen Z being hyperconscious of germs, they are by far the biggest germaphobes. 38% of Millenials, 30% of Gen X, 27% of Baby Boomers, only 18% of the Silent Generation.

Female using alcohol gel as hand sanitizer at shopping center for prevent the spread of germs and bacteria and avoid infections corona virus. Hygiene concept

Photo: Patcharanan Worrapatchareeroj / Moment / Getty Images

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