SC Couple Adopts 21 Children

George and Diana Thornley from Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina have a new addition to their family, Chance, was adopted through embryo adoption, a less-known option for building families.

Embryo adoption is gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional adoption and fertility treatments. Diana, who was 48 at the time of Chance's birth, underwent preparation to carry the embryo to term. The method is increasingly seen as an option for older women or couples facing fertility issues, offering a less costly and potentially less complicated path to parenthood.

Chance joins 20 other siblings!

News 2 Charleston first introduced America to the Thornley family in 2017; when they had 12 adopted children from 12 different countries. Now, George and Diana Thornley have 21 children aged 12 months to 23 years.

In case you're wondering their grocery bill is 4 grand a month. They have 2 passenger vans and now the older kids have their own cars and jobs.

Diana says they're not much different than most parents. "Our why is our kids. We just searched for kids who didn't have families because no kid wants to be an orphan.".

The Thornley family's experience with adoption, is more than just a personal journey; it’s an inspiration for others. Their story serves to educate about the joys and challenges of having a large and diverse family. The older Thornley siblings say they admire their parents for their dedication to adoption and fostering, and the family is open to the possibility of bringing more children into the fold in the future.

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