Strangers Save Halloween For 4 Year Old

Four-year-old Naz Hassan had recently moved to the U.S. from Syria so she could have a heart procedure done. She had hoped to experience her first ever Halloween. The idea of dressing up as a favorite character and collecting candy sounded like so much fun! Unfortunatly the medical team said she couldn’t wait till November. They needed to operate in a few days. .

Dr. Bill Accousti, an orthopedic surgeon at Children's Hospital New Orleans, stepped in to help. Accousti and his wife Tiffany are well-known for their elaborate Halloween celebrations and they went to their neighbors to organize a private night of trick-or-treating in their neighborhood a week early especially for Naz

Nas collected candies from dozens of the Accousti’s neighbors, who all greeted Nas by name when she knocked on their door.

Naz's mother, Shiler Sido, was blown away that strangers would do so much to give her daughter a chance to enjoy the holiday. “These unimaginably kind neighbors gave my daughter the chance to experience Halloween for the first time in her life and we will forever treasure this experience"!

Naz underwent a six-hour open-heart surgery on Monday, which her Doctors say was successful.

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