Hero Saves Family As Vehicle Explodes

Last Saturday, Berdina Kodaseet was driving down Highway 152 outside of Gracemont, Oklahoma, with her 8 year old granddaughter, and her two friends, when an oncoming van crossed over the centerline, forcing Kodaseet’s car off the road. The car crashed into a canyon, flipped over and landed upside down. It then caught on fire.

KFOR-TV reports that one of those friends climbed out and up the hill to get help. She says 9 cars drove by, ignoring her., Cord Coffey was the 10th and he slammed on his brakes. Coffey called 911 and then made multiple trips down the steep slope to rescue the trapped passengers. The last person out of the car was Berdina. She told Cord her arthritis in her knees was keeping her from going up the hill. “And I said, ‘Well girlfriend, we’re gonna have to. We’re going to burn in this canyon if we don’t,'” said Coffey. “I’m glad for Cord because it could’ve ended up a whole different way,”

Ss soon as they were clear of the wreckage, the car exploded!

While Kodaseet suffered 2nd degree burns and her granddaughter needed 30 stitches in her leg, all four passengers are going to be OK and very thankful for Cord coming to their rescue. Cord says “I can't imagine having to live with myself if I drove by, so it’s not that I’m wearing a cape,” 

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