SC Police Say There Were 2 Miracles

Live 5 Charleston reports on what some in that area are calling a miracle.

Last Tuesday morning a call came in into police about a toddler falling out of a moving car on I-26.

N. Charleston Police Corporal Jason Marzan rushed to the scene and found the toddler lying on the roadway alive... but seriously injured.

He quickly worked to apply a tourniquet to control the bleeding from the child's severed arm. He retrieved her arm and rushed the toddler to MUSC where doctors were able to surgically reattach her arm.

“Speaking with the surgeon at the hospital, they said if it was a minute later, that probably would have been tragic.” A few days after the incident, she’s already regaining sensation in her fingers.

This is probably one of the best things about wearing the badge and just, you know, not every call, you go to gets the happy ending. This one here is a little different. You know, this makes me want to go another 20 years, you know, if it ends up like this.”

As for the toddler Jason says "It’s just a miracle she survived a fall like that. It's another miracle what that the folks at the hospital can do.!

SC Highway Patrol confirmed the driver is facing two citations, one for a child restraint violation and another for not having a driver’s license.

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Photo: abile / iStock / Getty Images

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