His Wife Died And What He Found Changed Everything

An 81 year old great grandfather recently lost his wife of 60 years. They have struggled financially the last decade or two. His 50 year old daughter suggested he tried to sell some of her belongings. He said he knew everything she owned and there was nothing of value in there. But he agreed to donate it all charity as a way of just cleaning out the house.

He stocked up bags of her old clothes, some costume jewelry, and half used bottles of perfume.

He thought there may be some value in her old books and asked his daughter if she could help sell them.

He mentioned there were some pokemon cards in there as well and perhaps they should find some kids charity to donate them to. He and his wife had bought the cards for when their granddaughter visited back in the late 90's. One of them had never even been opened as the was losing interest in them by then.

His daughter contacted an auction house in London who said that box would have a minimum set of 20 grand. The entire pokemon collection will sell for an estimated 50 grand!

"That's more money than I've ever had! All money worries for the rest of my life will be eliminated"!

Sad elderly male look in distance mourning

Photo: fizkes / iStock / Getty Images

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