Vacationers Become Volunteers

Chris and Stephanie Jenson from Idaho love going to Maui to vacation. They had a trip to the island scheduled, and rather than canel it because of the fires the couple decided to go and help in the rebuilding effort After seeing a call for volunteers on social media, the couple stopped by Merriman's Hawaii Restaurant in Kapalua to help prepare meals to be delivered across the community.

The Jenson's are helping to to deliver over 1,000 meals a day to locals and workers helping the rebuilding efforts. Another volunteer, Lynn from Minnesota, says she felt compelled to help after seeing how much the community has suffered.

Also helping out were John and MJ Davey of Northern California, who felt it was their responsibility to pitch in and even brought donations with them from the mainland. "I think anytime there's a tragedy or a disaster, it's other people's obligation to come in and help out," shares John. They claim that helping out the community hasn’t taken anything away from their vacation, it’s actually made it even more special.

West Maui Slowly Reopens To Residents And Tourism After Devastating Fire

Photo: Mario Tama / Getty Images News / Getty Images

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