Mail Person Saves Dog On Route

We've often heard about mailmen being bitten by dogs but it was shocking twist last week in Buchanan, Georgia.

While delivering to the Proctor's home the mailperson noticed their beagle, Ginger, was in pain. She saw a copperhead nearby, so she grabbed the dog.

Then she took a pic of the snake then spoke into the homeowner’s doorbell camera, and finally rushed Ginger to an emergency vet where the pooch received lifesaving care. The Proctors were shocked to receive the message, but extremely grateful that someone had cared enough to save Ginger. Later that day, they posted a pic of the mail carrier on social media hoping to find out her name and within minutes learned it was Holle Keene Prigmore.

Commenters to the post heaped praise on Prigmore for her lifesaving actions and she personally responded to the post, recalling how she often gave treats to Ginger during mail deliveries and called her a “doll baby.”. The Proctors later posted an update saying that Ginger was going to be okay, but was still in a lot of pain. They thanked everyone for their love, but especially Prigmore for saving their pup.

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