Officer Helps Student With a Unique Request

Pitcairn, Pennsylvania is 20 miles East of Pittsburgh. It's a small town of about 4000 people and while crime exists, it isn't like it is in Pittsburgh. The Police in Pitcairn have the time to try and serve the community with more than crime prevention.

A young man went to the police station because he needed help with a unique problem and didn't know where else to turn. He doesn't have a father and his mother had no idea how to tie a necktie. He wanted to wear a tie to a dance at his school.

Pitcairn Police Department Detective Tara Caruso was called to the station for a citizen assist. She realized the task was better suited to her partner Officer Brendan Linebarger. Brendan spent about 20 minutes making sure the young man completely knew how to tie his necktie so he now is set for life on that task.

The Pitcairn Police Department shared the touching interaction on social media along with pics of Z, Detective Caruso, and Officer Linebarger, together with the perfectly tied tie. The department says they highly value community policing, writing, “Knowing that our residents know that they can come to our department and to our officers to assist them with a task so small of tying a tie is very important to us!”

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