Stranger Saves Woman When No One Else Would

Lauren Elizabeth was standing on the edge of a bridge near her home in Ashford, England. She had decided to end her life by jumping, when a woman saw her and stopped her car. "She pulled up, and I was crying," the 23-year-old recalls.

Elizabeth told the stranger that she was fine and asked her to leave her alone. The woman recognized that the woman wasn't listening to her so she said she would leave. But really all she did was move a little further down so as to lower her agitation. but then reported the incident. Moments later, police arrived and took Elizabeth to a nearby hospital. From there she was transferred to another facility where she received treatment for her depression and suicidal thoughts.

The young mother of a four- and six-year-old says she’s in a better place now. She’s crediting the woman with saving her life and giving her the chance to see her children grow up. “If it wasn’t for that lady who stopped that night, I wouldn’t have got the help I needed,” Elizabeth says, “So many others drove by and even walked by or rode bikes by while I stood there bawling and no one said a word. That actually made it worse to think no one one cares that I'm in all this pain. Her pulling over and coming to speak with me really helped".

Young depressed homeless girl or woman standing alone on the bridge want to jump in to the water of the river and to commit suicide after hard life on the street selective focus

Photo: Srdjanns74 / iStock / Getty Images

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