South Carolina Spot Among The 10 Best Truck Stop Restaurants In The U.S.

Photo: Kyle Monk/Tetra images/Getty Images

A popular South Carolina attraction was named one of the best truck stop restaurants in the entire country, offering travelers a fun place to rest on a road trip while also grabbing a bite to eat.

Based on reviews, tips from trucker forums and information from the Reddit trucker subreddit, Cheapism compiled a list of the 10 best truck stop restaurants in America that "offer easy-access meals and some accompanying conveniences, such as laundry and massages that could be vital during a long haul."

According to the list, South of the Border, found along I-95 in Hamer on the border between South and North Carolina, is among the best truck stop restaurants in the country. Along with the list of attractions at this stop, South of the Border has multiple dining options to choose from. South of the Border is located at 3346 US-301 in Hamer.

Here's what the site had to say:

"This tourist trap truck stop perched off Interstate 95 at the border of good taste and between the Carolinas needs little introduction. Beyond infamy, it offers a handful of on-site restaurants that stand a good chance of satisfying whatever food you're craving, including Mexican, hot dogs, pizza, subs, ice cream, and a reasonable steakhouse. South of the Border is also home to an amusement park, a 200-foot tower with a 360-degree view, and the largest indoor reptile exhibit in the country."

Check out Cheapsim's full list to read up on the best truck stop restaurants in the country.

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