4 Year Old Has Amazing Birthday Thanks To NC Town

Jackson Burns’ favorite day of the week is Friday, because that’s trash day and the preschooler loves to watch the garbage truck come by his family’s home in Apex, North Carolina. Jackson’s mom, Jen Burns, had posted a photo of him on a neighborhood group page before his recent fourth birthday showing his excitement of seeing the garbage truck.

As My Fox 8 reports Some wives of men who worked on those trucks thought it would be amazing if they could take a truck or 2 by Jackson's house on his 4th birthday.

That started the ball rolling and before Jackson’s big day, workers from the company that handles garbage collection in Apex, as well as workers from The Town of Apex Yard Waste Division, and officers with the Apex Police Department all paraded by Jackson’s home with their big trucks, much to his delight. They also brought him a couple of presents including a backpack, a hat, and his very own police badge.

Jackson's mom was overwhelmed with emotion at the community’s surprise birthday party for her son. Jen says she’s in awe of how they all made his birthday so memorable. She also gave a special shout-out to The Town of Apex Public Works, GFL Environmental, and Apex PD members Jake and Victoria, adding that her "mama heart is so full!”

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