Murdered Child Star Haunts Hollywood Home According To Owners

In the late 70's and early 80's a girl named Judith Barsi was in almost 100 TV commercials, TV shows like Growing Pains and voiced animated movies like All Dogs Go To Heaven and Land Before Time. She made enough money to buy her family a home in the Hollywood Hills. It was in that home shortly after her 10th birthday in 1988 that she was murdered by her father. He also killed her mother and himself.

The Bernal family moved into that home in 2001. Gaby Bernal, slept in the same bedroom where Judith was murdered, says she suffered from terrible nightmares. Gaby also says the garage door would open and close on its own, they would hear loud bangs and they’d feel cold spots throughout the house.

Last year they decided to renovate the house with a TV show called "Murder House Flip" which is now airing on Quibi.

According to the press release the makeover worked and there are no more hauntings now.

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