Study Reveals How Many Times Kids Tell Parents 'I'm Bored'.

The poll finds:

  • The average American child announced, “I’m bored” to their parents six times a day during quarantine.
  • Parents also had to deal with five temper tantrums a day, and six “career best” messes from their kids.
  • Of course, a quiet child isn’t always the best either, with 77% of parents agreeing with the statement “I know my child is up to something when they are too quiet.”
  • And that’s not all, 81% of parents have heard their child make an inexplicable noise, followed by “It’s nothing” or silence.
  • Most parents will wait seven minutes before deciding to investigate that noise. 

But it’s not all bad news.

  • In fact, 40% of parents say their child’s behavior improved during lockdown.
  • Parents say on days they were home with their child, their kids made them laugh seven times.
  • 81% of parents believe they bonded more with their child during the lockdown than they would have otherwise. 

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