Americans Say The Best Place To Find Love Is...

People look for love in all sorts of places, like bars, parties, and online, and while it may not be the best idea, it seems a lot of people go searching for that perfect mate at the office. 

A new poll finds:

  • Close to half of those polled have had at least one workplace romance.
  • More than 20% of people had three or more flings with office colleagues.
  • Of those who have had an office romance, a fifth people are still with theirs.
  • But that’s not the case for most people, with average office romance lasing just over 10 months.
  • And talk about uncomfortable, 16% of people are still working with their former flings.

So, why are office romances so common?

  • Well, three quarters of people say it’s simply because they are spending so much time with the people they work with every day.
  • 55% chalk it up to work nights out and other social engagements, which can lead to flirting.
  • 20% add that a secret office romance makes boring day-to-day office life more exciting.
  • Overall though, 50% of people don’t think it’s professional to be romantically involved with people you work with.
  • For this reason, 25% of people kept their office romance a secret.
  • 64% say their office romance was eventually exposed.
  • 38% say they’ve been put in an uncomfortable position of keeping someone’s office fling a secret. 
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