Man Behind Woman In Line Covers The Amount She's Short. Then He Is Amazed

75 year old Delmaretta Stipp was checking out at a Walmart in Texas when she realized she didn’t have enough to cover her purchase. She was feeling embarrassed, digging around in her purse hoping to find some more money, and people in line were groaning, but then a man stepped up and offered to pay the $13 she was short.

The kind stranger was Robert Navarro, a security guard who says he felt moved to help her because she reminds him of his mom. Stipp was so grateful for his act of kindness, she called the Fox San Antonio TV station to tell them what he’d done. She said "I wanted all of San Antonio to know what a sweet young man you are. And, there aren't very many people in this world who would stand up and do what you did. When I was in line there, you just came right up. You made me cry and you're still making me cry."

The station planned a reunion for her to thank him and then surprised Navarro with $1-thousand in cash.

“You made a difference in her life,” the news station’s Ryan Wolf told Navarro. “Not because of the amount you spent, but because you chose to stand up and do something for her that nobody else did.”

“My mom would have done the same thing for her. And, I was feeling like my mom was sending me a message right then and there. Help her, son. Just the way she raised us as a single mother with me and my sister. Thank you so much, mom!"

You can see more on the story on the Fox News San Antonio site.

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