Police Help Teen Replace Truck He Saved A Year To Buy

19 year old college student Aaron Rodriguez worked between classes for a year to save up to buy a vehicle. He finally found one he thought was a good deal, a Dodge truck for $3,250. He took what he hoped would be his last bus trip out from Milwaukee to Oconomowoc to buy it. He was so happy on his way home with his new set of wheels, when it started smoking. He pulled over and watched in horror as it caught fire in a gas station parking lot. One of the employees and 2 other motorists had fire extinguishers but even with 3 of them battling the flames they couldn't save it.

Delafield police officer Dan Barber responded to the call and spoke with a now very distraught Aaron. Officer Dan broke the bad news that it was a private sale between two people with an agreement for an as-is vehicle, so there was nothing anyone could do.

Barber felt compassion and decided to help Rodriguez out by setting up aGoFundMe accountto get him a new truck. Donations have been coming in and it’s raised over $4-thousand so far. And to make sure the next ride is in solid condition, All World Transmission is donating an hour of vehicle inspection to Rodriguez!

"I was really humbled and grateful for everything the community surrounding Officer Dan did for me. I'm completely amazed that so many people were willing to lend me a hand."

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