He Bought Out The Entire Flower Truck For Someone He Never Met

Rene Blais lives in Alberta Canada. He is the owner of RB Oilfield Hauling Inc. Apparently he had a wonderful idea last week. I say apparently because as far as I have seen Rene has not commented publicly about any of this.

A woman named Joline Willsey owns Gypsy Blooms Flower Truck and say Rene asked if he could purchase her entire truck full of flowers and then have her park the truck at a senior living facility so residents could come and pick out the flowers they wanted and make bouquets for their rooms.

"At the beginning, I wasn’t sure if he was serious. I followed up with him after that, and he was like ‘Yeah, I’m really serious and I want to do this’.”

She asked him which facility and he said "you pick". He doesn't even know anyone in a facility but he wants to help them through COVID quarantine. She asked if he wanted her to make some bouquets, and he said no. He thought it be important to let them make their own. "They're bored out of their minds! They need a project. This may be only part of a day but it will help them I believe".

She decided to go with Wildrose Manor, where her grandparents once lived before they passed away. Management was thrilled by the idea!

Joline says the residents loved it. They were laughing together. Men were making bouquets to give to ladies, ladies made some to give to men. They all had a wonderful day and it was all thanks to Rene whom none had ever met, and probably never will. He told Joline when he paid for it, that he didn't want the residents feeling like they had to thank him. "They have lived their lives in a way that made all of us coming up behind them better. We're all better off today than they were when they took over the world, and this is a small way of thanking them for their efforts".

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