Brad Pitt Has A New Girlfriend...Who Is Married.

When it comes to romantic relationships there are so many barriers! Take for example Brad Pitt's latest. There's the age barrier. He's 56 and she's 27. He was in his mid 40's while she was in high school. That makes point of reference difficult. Her boy band was One Direction and his was The Monkees.

Another big barrier should be her husband!

Brad is currently vacationing at his chateau in the south of France with Nicole Poturalski. The first photographic evidence of the two knowing each other was when they were seen together in the VIP box during Kanye West’s performance in Los Angeles last November.

Nicole is married to well-known German restaurateur Roland Mary for eight years and they have a seven-year-old son named Emil. The Daily Mail reports that this is the 68-year-old’s fourth marriage and he allegedly doesn’t mind his wife dating Brad! In fact Brad met Nicole at Roland's restaurant! A few weeks later, she flew to Los Angeles to be with Brad, and the rest is history.

According to an insider, “[Roland and Nicole] are still married, but you could describe their relationship as an ‘open marriage.’ He has been married several times and…is not interested in negativity or jealousy.” This guy is a total wimp in my opinion. When your wife hands another guy her number in front of you, you stop it! Not interested in negativity or jealousy. The mother of your son is jetting around the world with another guy. That's pretty negative and your son is probably jealous that mommy is spending more time with that guy than him. Step up dude!

Let's not forget that Brad is still married to Angelina as well. She filed for divorce last September but they haven't been able to work it all out over the past year so there's that too.

For me, I couldn't date anyone who was in an "open marriage". But I also don't eat off of other peoples plates. How about you?

Here's a pic of Nicole from her Instagram account.

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