Friends Carry Pal in Wheelchair Miles To See Waterfall

A group of 5 friends in their early 20's do everything together. Aaron Friesen, Willy Peters, Cornie Klassen, Benny Thiesen and Avlin Wolf. Aaron was born with cerebral palsy and has spent his entire life in a wheelchair. That however hasn't stopped the group from some great outdoor adventures.

Last weekend they decided they wanted to see a famous waterfall near their home in Calgary Canada. It was about a 2.5 mile hike each way through rocky terrain. So they found two tree branches that would be both long enough to go under the axle of the wheelchair, and strong enough to support Aaron. Then they went hiking.

On the way they passed a woman named Mary Dorchester who spoke to the group and took a photo of them that she posted to her Facebook page.

Mary said she was amazed that the guys would carry their friend so far over especially difficult trails to hike. Willy told her "We just wanted to see the waterfall, and Aaron goes wherever we go."

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