Top Signs Someone Is Trustworthy

What makes someone trustworthy? Well, a new survey attempted to find out.

The poll finds:

  • 85% of adults believe they are trustworthy.
  • But that can’t always be true, considering most folks say that since becoming an adult they’ve had their trust broken an average of 14 times.
  • For this reason, more than half of adults find it difficult to trust other people.
  • Plus, 70% say once their trust is broken it can’t be restored.
  • On a more positive note, 25% say that current events have motivated them to be more forgiving of those who broke their trust.
  • Plus, 10% say they’ve become more trusting this year.
  • One thing most people can agree on (90%), is that someone must earn their trust.
  • Healthcare works like doctors and nurses are considered the most trustworthy, followed by fire and rescue workers, and dentists.

So, what are the top signs of a trustworthy person? The top ten characteristics include (click here for the complete list):

  1. They are reliable
  2. They aren’t manipulative
  3. They don’t share things said in confidence with others
  4. They are consistent in their behavior
  5. They have integrity
  6. Their words and behavior match up
  7. They haven’t broken your trust before
  8. They respect boundaries
  9. They listen to you
  10. You know them very well
Smiling businesswoman shaking hands with client before meeting

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