Boy Dances For His Mom & Gets Scholarship After Video Goes Viral

One of the United States' top ballet schools is offering a boy in Nigeria a full scholarship after a video of him dancing went viral on social media.

In the video, which first caught people's attention almost two months ago, 11-year-old Anthony Madu can be seen ballet dancing in the rain. He was dancing for his mother. He has no money but she says it makes her happy to see him dance. So this was his gift to her. It reminds me of the little drummer boy!

The artistic director of the American Ballet Theater JKO School of Dance,Cynthia Harvey,says she was trying to track down Madu within a day of seeing the video. She offered him a scholarship for ABT virtual Young Dancer Summer Workshop's three-week program.

Harvey also said she also gave his teacher access to ABT's national training course that polishes ballet teacher's skills.

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