COVID 19 Has Lots Of Americans Considering A Move To A New Town

A new Fast survey finds:

  • COVID-19 has gotten 35% of Americans thinking about relocating to a new city or town.
  • As for why:
    • 40% are considering a move to a less populated area.
    • 36% are thinking about moving somewhere with more opportunities to work remotely.
    • 31% are looking to decrease their living costs.
  • Overall, folks in the West are the most likely to be thinking about moving (43%), followed by:
    • The Northeast (36%)
    • The South (35%)
    • The Midwest (22%)
  • Those most likely to be considering a move include folks 18 to 34 (41%), and 35 to 49 (40%).
  • Men are twice as likely to be thinking about a move than women (44% vs. 24%).
  • Those making $150K or more are the most likely to be thinking about relocating (49%).

When it comes to relocating for work, there are certain things that are more likely to motivate someone to pick up and go.

  • Currently, having the flexibility to work remotely is the top reason folks would relocate (66%), followed by:
    • A generous paid time off policy (51%)
    • 401(k) matching (48%)
    • Professional development stipends (39%)
    • Wellness stipends (35%)
    • Paid time off to volunteer (28%)
    • Catered snacks or meals (23%) 
Daily Life In New York City Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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