Man Crosses Europe On Bike To Be With Family During Quarantine

Kleon Papadimitriou was stuck at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland when COVID 19 restrictions went into place. Flights and even buses were shut down and he was all alone desperately missing his family who were all back in Athens Greece. Video and phone calls did nothing to ease his pain. So he came up with a plan to get home. Bike.

His dad said he would bless the trip as long as Kleon set up an app which would allow his family to be able to constantly track him and know where he is.

On May 10, with some canned sardines, peanut butter and bread, a sleeping bag, a tent and equipment for his bike, he began his journey.

He spent seven weeks riding 35 to 75 miles a day solo through England, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, and Germany, setting up camp in fields and forests.

By June 27th, Kleon had ridden approximately 2-thousand 175-miles over 48 days and he arrived back home. Now he is so happy to be with his family and says he’s a better person for having done it, adding, “I’m more confident in myself.”

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